The Japanese 'enso' symbol & NNHC logo

About Narberth Natural Health Centre

Narberth Natural Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary complementary therapy centre located in the market town of Narberth, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We are focused on providing a professional service within a comfortable environment in the local & wider community. Clients more distant to West Wales have the opportunity to access our services via our online virtual space.

Alongside therapy we also offer many courses and workshops ranging from introductory workshops to practitioner courses and continuous professional development (CPD).

We hold regular events such as talks on a wide range of topics, and open days where you can meet teachers and practioners. There is really something for everyone.

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Please browse the website for more information & if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Our Philosophy

The Narberth Natural Health Centre logo is the Japanese symbol ‘enso’ This symbol is used a lot within Zen Buddhism for meditation. If you were to look at the literal translation of the Japanese Kanji symbols for enso, you would find that they would translate as mutual circle or circle of togetherness.

The enso is also used to represent the oneness of life and all the things contained within it, perfect harmony, and a representation of our true and innermost selves.

At NNHC we use this to represent our ethos of nurturing all people and helping them to empower themselves by creating a space that is full of possibilities.

We believe that people should be helped to empower themselves to look after their own health and wellbeing, whether that is physical, mental, or spiritual, with the client and the therapist working together to achieve the best possible outcome (the mutual circle).

Our aim at NNHC is to provide the best complementary therapy possible, along with high quality talks and workshops to support the people in and around Narberth, and in the wider physical and on-line community.

We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment, both physically within Narberth, and on-line, where people can empower themselves and be helped to deal with whatever issues they may have so that they can return to health, and then maintain that health.

We aim for this to be a space that is somewhere for all, and provides a benefit for all not just those who can afford private therapy.