Shiatsu Learning Group

If you’ve ever thought about learning some shiatsu just for the the joy of giving and receiving some lovely nurturing touch or because you’d like to be able to give treatments to friends and family AND you would enjoy being part of a supportive learning group sharing a rich journey of self-development then this group may well be right for you.

 Led and taught principally by Lee Sanger, a new, ongoing group is being formed, to teach shiatsu in a very different way. Instead of focusing on professional practitioner training with all the associated pressures and costs, the emphasis here is on self-nurture, enjoyment and gentle but profound growth and well-being.

Classes will be held on Saturdays monthly

Class times: 9.30am – 5.30pm

For those reading this who may not know much about shiatsu, it’s a form of touch/bodywork from Japan which differs from ‘massage’ in that it:

  • is given through clothing, which makes it convenient, simple & clean (no oils needed) and avoids the modesty issues associated with massage
  • focuses upon the giver being deeply ‘grounded’ and relaxed, which means that learning to give, and giving, shiatsu are themselves very beneficial
  • feels wonderful to receive
  • involves learning about the worldview from the standpoint of Chinese philosophy and medicine (Yin-Yang and 5-Element theories and more)

Tuition cost: £40 per class. (Concessions by agreement)

To book a place please send a cheque for £40 (made payable to ‘L. Sanger’) to Lee Sanger, ‘Gerallt’, Llechryd, Ceredigion, SA43 2QH.

For more information contact Lee directly on 01239 682729 or by emailing