Alison Osborne

Alison teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with love, enthusiasm and compassion. 

She had enjoyed Hatha yoga since her early 20’s, later Pilates and Tai Chi and Kadampa Buddhism as well as singing and competitive dance.

But when a Kundalini Yoga teacher took over her teenage daughters regular Hatha Yoga class Alison very quickly saw huge shifts in her daughters‘ emotional state and sense of relaxation and got curious so attended classes herself.

She soon trained with Amrit nam Sarovar School for 9 months of level 1 and found this an empowering and supportive Yoga, fascinating philosophy and Sadhana practice. She then felt compelled to continue on to the final level,Level 2 , with 6 one week modules, over the next 2 years in The Alps. 

In 2013 Alison taught formally in Hertfordshire before traveling through South America for 4 months and then studying Music/Naad yoga and Gurmukhi for 6 months in the Punjab, India. In this time she also studied the 365 day workbook and text in A Course in Miracles.

Alison had trained, in 2000-2007 as a Reiki Master, while studying The Seth Material and Enneagram; then 2008-2010 as a Master practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. After running a Natural Health Centre for a year she chose to stop practicing as a Dentist to follow her passion advocating self awareness and, what she now knows to be, Self-love. She founded her own Reiki school- Mindful Reiki. teaching women self empowerment and self kindness twice a month in Hertfordshire for several years. She also taught Mindful Meditation weekly at a private school in Hertfordshire alongside Dr. Neelam Tanja. 

 Alison was born and brought up horse-riding and sailing here in Pembrokeshire. 

In January 2017 she has now returned and is excited to come together with like-minded people and to see what life has in store in this beautiful part of the world.


Alisons qualifications

BDS LDS RCS; Reiki Master and teacher of MIndful Reiki School ; NLP and Hypnosis master practitioner; Kundalini Yoga Teacher (level 2).