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Mum & Baby Yoga

This six week course offers a gently strengthening yoga class that helps mumma get back into activities after giving birth while including plenty of attention on baby too - so the best of both worlds. The babies will always lead the pace and mood so expect fun, variety and a sense of community. Ages [...]

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Kerry Curson

Kerry Curson is an experienced, passionate and compasionate yoga teacher. Kerry offers regular classes and courses in: Vinyasa Flow Pregnacy Yoga Mum & Baby Yoga Yoga Teacher Training My journey began on the yoga mat like many other things I have started in my life - seemingly insignificant. An action taken in [...]

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Teresa Walker

Based in both South Wales and Pembrokeshire, I'm very proud of my heritage and ancestry, and the magic that this beautiful land both holds and shares! When I made a very conscious physical and emotional decision, to leave a long and happy career in Nursing to pursue more whole and holistic ways of healing, [...]

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Auto Draft

The Chakra Yoga course will entail yoga asanas, breathing practices, seed/beeja mantra and other yogic practices, all of which will correspond with the chakra/s of focus. Over the 13 classes we will work our way through each chakra, from root/mooladhara at the base of the body, to the third eye/ajna and by the end of [...]

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Supervision for practitioners

Systemic practice is naturally reflective and therefore suited to the provision of supervision. I offer supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists on a regular basis or for specific case review. I also offer consultation to any Health care or Well Being therapist working with clients wishing to consider the nature and necessity of providing safe [...]

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Appointments and fee’s

Appointments Daytime or evening appointments for psychotherapy and counseling are available. Who I work with: Adults, Couples, Children, Young People, and Family Groups. How Many appointments will you need: You may require one or two appointments, or feel that regular appointments are more helpful.  Usually we meet for four to six sessions and then have [...]

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About Psychotherapy

The Psycho dynamic model of psychotherapy Most psycho dynamic approaches are centred around the concept that difficulties experienced are, at least in part, unconscious.  Mainly (but not always) the difficulties experienced today are linked to early life experiences, and/or traumatic experiences, we learn patterns of communication and behaviour as a response, often a defence, to how [...]

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy – or to give it its full title, Family and Systemic Psychotherapy – is a psycho dynamic approach. It enables individuals, family members, couples and others who care about each other to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build [...]

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