Kerry Curson

Kerry Curson is an experienced, passionate and compasionate yoga teacher. Kerry offers regular classes and courses in: Vinyasa Flow Pregnacy Yoga Mum & Baby Yoga Yoga Teacher Training My journey began on the yoga mat like many other things I have started in my life - seemingly insignificant. An action taken in [...]

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Louise Thorndycraft BA (Hons) BWY Dip

Louise discovered yoga in her twenties, as an antidote to a busy life and a stressful working environment. What began as an effective form of stress relief soon developed into a lifelong passion and Louise began teaching in 2007 after enrolling on the British Wheel of Yoga’s 500-hour yoga teaching diploma. Simultaneously, she began [...]

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Ruth Jenkins

Ruth started learning Belly Dance at the age of 12 with a background in contemporary dance and the performing arts. Her training with Guinevere Clark of Baubo Belly Dance gave her a foundation in A-Z Personal Techniques and AstroBelly. Learning with Keti Sharif, Ozgen, Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Paola Blanton and many more influential [...]

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Helen Morris

It was a fortunate discovery in 2004 where I happened upon a Yoga class and have been a dedicated practitioner ever since! I have been teaching since 2015 with 500 hours of formal training.  I have a background working in mental health in various roles since 2010. Yoga is for everyone and everyone should be included! It is a pleasure to offer [...]

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Alison Osborne

Alison teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with love, enthusiasm and compassion.  She had enjoyed Hatha yoga since her early 20’s, later Pilates and Tai Chi and Kadampa Buddhism as well as singing and competitive dance. But when a Kundalini Yoga teacher took over her teenage daughters regular Hatha Yoga class Alison [...]

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Mathew Berry

Tai Chi Matt is the founder of West Wales Tai Chi and has been teaching weekly classes throughout West Wales since 2002 He has been studying Martial Arts for 30 years and has focussed the last 18yrs on studying Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Meditiation, Healing and Energy Cultivation Exercises, and is an instructor member [...]

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Gilly Davidson

Yoga Gilly, a trained Homeopath, keen gardener and dressmaker, studied Yoga at the Satsanga Ashram in Login with the teacher Yogachariya Jnandev. She became a teacher herself after realising the huge health benefits of yoga whilst recovering from a serious illness. The Yoga she practises and teaches is based on the Gitananda system of [...]

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