Esalen Massage & Integrative Bodywork

Sessions with Ayres Gipson, CMT
The daily menu comprises four kinds of sessions:

Insight (up to 1 hour)

This session includes a full-body check-in with time enough to focus on a specific area or structure of the body.  I use effective assessment and therapeutic techniques such as rocking, pulsing, and point and myo-facial work, followed by deep tissue and Esalen® massage for those troubled areas.

Integrative (up to 2 hours)

Very popular and truly holistic, this session includes a full-body check-in and a multi-approach, full-body Esalen massage.  Plenty of time to focus on specific areas and integrate all into a complete whole.  Highly recommended!

Deep Integration (2.5 hours +)

This session is for all lovers and connoisseurs of massage and bodywork.  Plenty of time for including therapies such as deep lymphatic drainage, craniosacral work, energy balancing, and more.  Lots of time to enter timelessness – therapeutic and deeply integrative.

Tuition (by the hour and the day)

Benefit from years of extensive training, professional practice, and teaching experience.  My intention is to help you to go more deeply into your own practice as a professional practitioner or weekend enthusiast of massage and bodywork.  I might have a few fancy moves to show you along the way.

Insight session is £35 for up to one hour.
Integrative session is £45 for up to 2 hours.
Deep Integration session is £65 for 2.5 hours +
Tuition is bespoke for £20 per hour or £150 for the day for 2 or more people.
Call or text Ayres on
07848008089 or e-mail:
ayres@lovingforaliving .org

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient
while nature cures the disease.”
~ Voltaire (1694 – 1778)