Esalen Massage & Integrative Bodywork

Esalen​ Massage® provides nurturing contact, integrating long strokes with detailed attention to the whole body, an Esalen Massage provides a state of deep relaxation and healing.

Ayres includes subtle to deep techniques where appropriate, such as postural integration, sports massage, trigger point, cranio sacral and myofascial work. 

Ayres work is both skilled and precise, with deep to very deep tissue body work for those troubled areas, tied together with flowing esalen massage.

Ayres qualified in California as a Certified Massage Therapist (Classical Swedish) and is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the U.S.


Ayres Gipson CMT, EMBA, NCTMB (US)

Esalen Massage & Integrative Bodywork

Rhydowen/Glandwr on Wednesdays from December and in a yurt in Llangolman from January. 




Upto 1 hour

This session includes a full-body check-in with time enough to focus on a specific area or structure of the body.  I use effective assessment and therapeutic techniques such as rocking, pulsing, and point and myo-facial work, followed by deep tissue and Esalen® massage for those troubled areas.

Tuition (by the hour and the day)

Benefit from years of extensive training, professional practice, and teaching experience.  My intention is to help you to go more deeply into your own practice as a professional practitioner or weekend enthusiast of massage and bodywork.  I might have a few fancy moves to show you along the way.


Upto 2 hours 

Very popular and truly holistic, this session includes a full-body check-in and a multi-approach, full-body Esalen massage.  Plenty of time to focus on specific areas and integrate all into a complete whole.  Highly recommended!

Deep Integration

2.5 hours +

This session is for all lovers and connoisseurs of massage and bodywork.  Plenty of time for including therapies such as deep lymphatic drainage, craniosacral work, energy balancing, and more.  Lots of time to enter timelessness – therapeutic and deeply integrative.


Insight session Upto 1 hour  £35 ** See special Offer** 
Integrative session Upto 2 hours  £45
Deep Integration session 2.5 hours + £65

*** Offering £25 one hour, introductory sessions, when booked from now through to December 2019.***

Celebrating 20 years in practice!


Ayres is also certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work, Esalen massage, and Reiki Level II and is a member of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association.  Ayres has assisted and taught introductory, professional training, as well as continuing professional development courses in the U.S. & U.K.

Tuition is bespoke for £20 per hour or £150 for the day for 2 or more people.

About Ayres Gibson

I began my massage training in the spring of 1999 at the Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel Valley, California entering a 2-year, 500-hour classical, Swedish massage training.  I took course after course – anatomy, physiology & pathology, advanced anatomy & physiology, deep tissue & sports massage, myofacial unwinding, and soft tissue release.  This was followed by lymphatic drainage, pre-natal massage, polarity energy therapy, Visionary Craniosacral Work, elements of Thai massage & Shiatsu, as well as trigger point therapy.

Soon, I began to assist workshops to pay for more trainings.  Within a couple of years, I was leading professional training courses at MIT.

For two years, I lived at the Esalen Institute – a ‘center for the exploration of human potential’ – in Big Sur, California where I studied Esalen massage and CC Flow, assisted Esalen certification and professional development courses and was a member of the Esalen Massage crew.  Since then, I have studied elements of Trager and Feldenkrais therapies, even been a model for Fritz Smith in one of his Zero Balancing trainings at Esalen.

In my practice and in teaching massage and bodywork, I have undergone countless treatments in innumerable forms through a vast array of styles and approaches.  I have been repeatedly poked and prodded for pay and demonstration purposes, bent, twisted, caressed, and held, shaken, stirred, tossled, and always moved.  I am in tune with my body, which has been very well-educated through many years of focused kinaesthetic practice.

Since coming to the United Kingdom, I have assisted a professional training course at the excellent – my highest recommendation –  Bristol College of Massage and Bodyworkand developed thriving practices in London, Bath, and West Wales.  I now lead Cosmic Bodies playshops where I teach my own five-element massage and bodywork system. 

I now live at Hwdl, Lammas/Tir-y-Gafel  where I reside with my partner-in-parenting and the three smaller people we’ve made.  I spend most of my time engaged in self-sufficiency practices, such as natural building, organic growing, renewable energy, and permaculture design – chopping wood, carrying water…

Because what I do is unique in the UK, I’ve become what you might call a therapist’s therapist.  I love practicing with other practitioners!

I am a qualified Certified Massage Therapist, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the US, and formerly of Massage Training Institute, UK.  I am certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work, Esalen massage, and Reiki Level II and registered with the EMBA (Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association).

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient
while nature cures the disease.”
~ Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

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