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A One and a half hour class to give students interested in the January 2019 Chakra Yoga Course a taster of what the course might entail.


The 2019 Chakra Yoga course will entail yoga asanas, breathing practices, seed/beeja mantra and other yogic practices, all of which will correspond with the chakra/s of focus.


What is a Chakra?

An interpretation of the Sanskrit word, chakra is that of ‘energy vortex’. Chakras are not anatomical parts of the physical body however on a subtle level the chakras do interact with the physical body. Moreover, a chakra can be viewed as an energy vortex which is ‘colored’ with an energetic vibration with the relative quality to its ‘location’ in the subtler/energetic body of the human-being. One could view this energetic/subtle body as being superimposed with the physical body of the human being. On the Chakra Yoga course you will have the opportunity to directly experience and develop  your chakras.


To secure your place please contact helen 07794362727 .