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In today’s busy world of push and go, with what can feel like endless pressure to DO, so many women are dealing with insomnia, depression and anxiety, and facing burn-out. 

Thursdays 7.30pm – 9pm 

5th September, 12th September, 19th September, 26th September, 3rd October, 17th October.

Studies have clearly shown that we are out of rhythm in our lives. Perhaps you’re a busy Mum with little ones needing your attention, or a working woman juggling shifts and family life. Are you experiencing the threshold phase of Peri-Menopause, or Menopause where the body’s natural transitional changes can bring real challenges as regards sleep and our emotional well-being?
Perhaps there are health issues such as Fibromyalgia, or other chronic illnesses that deprive you of sleep, deep rest and relaxation.
Do you long for quiet time, but perhaps self-care and rest are at the bottom of your own “to-do” list?

Most self-care today is about activation, or doing – exercising, taking a trip with friends, going out for a meal. While this activation may nurture parts of your body, mind and spirit, it does not deeply replenish them, and being busy stimulates the sympathetic nervous system – which controls our “fight or flight” response.
If you live in active, busy mode for long periods of time, then this puts the entire system under stress. The result? Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, burn-out.

Gifting yourself some non-active time allows both your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate, and this series of 6 Yoga Nidra classes offer to plant a seed within you to rest, and practice kindness toward yourself.

Around 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra feels like at least three hours of regular “good” sleep.
Don’t let the term Yoga confuse you here. There will be no downward-facing dog or warrior poses, as Yoga Nidra – or Yogic Sleep – is accessible to all women of all ages, abilities, shapes and body types! All it requires of you is the ability to lie down if possible, or sit comfortably with an open heart and mind, and the willingness to rest well.

Over the 6 weeks you will be guided to move through the subtle layers of self, the five bodies of awareness known as the Koshas…the physical body, the energy body, the mental body, the wisdom body and the bliss body, using breathing techniques to relax, and mindfulness techniques – including visualisation, affirmations, and guided imagery – to dissolve limiting beliefs, lift heaviness from the body and feel lighter, more peaceful, and of course, well rested.

These rest medicine classes will help you to begin your way back to that spark inside of you, as you create the potential to flip your own internal power switch back on, and recharge your body, mind, spirit and inner deep knowing.

Please bring along:
❀ A yoga mat if you have one – though we do have some spares at the centre
❀ A blanket or two, enough to create a cosy and comfortable “nest space”
❀ A pillow
❀ A water bottle
❀ Notebook and pen (optional)and the desire to REST well.

The cost of each session is £10, and if you choose to pay for the six weeks in full, there is a reduction in the total price to £54.