Helen Morris

It was a fortunate discovery in 2004 where I happened upon a Yoga class and have been a dedicated practitioner ever since!
I have been teaching since 2015 with 500 hours of formal training.  I have a background working in mental health in various roles since 2010.
Yoga is for everyone and everyone should be included! It is a pleasure to offer yoga classes to suit a variety of needs and abilities. I utilise a number of approaches under the Hatha Yoga umbrella.
 I believe that Yoga can help us in this present age to access deeper states of being and living. What we learn during Yoga practice can often be translated into the wider world around us and, within us too. Your mind, body and spiritual self are intrinsically interlaced and the well-being of one, depends on the well-being of the other. I believe that our true nature is that of radiant health and goodness.
Currently I am taking part in further yoga studies in Yoga Therapy with a specialism in mental health which I expect to qualify in early 2019.

It will be a pleasure to meet you or call me, I love to chat!



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