Herbal Medicine

Caroline Evans MH, ND, MAMH, MBANT, MANN, BA(Hons)

Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutrition Consultant, Iridologist


Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth!

Herbal Medicine is the use of herbs for healing purposes.

Herbalists are trained to use, prescribe and administer herbs in order to affect changes in a persons physical, mental, and emotional health. Herbalists are trained to know when and when not to use herbs and take great care on prescribing herbs to patients already taking pharmaceuticals and supplements. Through the use of herbs, herbalists support the patient’s body to become stronger assisting the natural process of self healing.

Naturopathy is the work of the Hippocratic code.

Someone practising naturopathy is a student of Hippocrates, i.e. they educate their patients on healthy lifestyle and how through a number of techniques including cleansing, diet, hydrotherapy, iridology, herbs, homeopathy and lifestyle advice to bring about homeostasis in the body. All of these are not given at the same time.

Nutrition is giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

A person trained in nutrition knows the fundamentals on how food and healthy eating habits are the building blocks of a healthy life. They educate their patients on the right dietary choices for their individual body constitution and how these can be utilised to obtain optimum health and wellness.

Iridology is the study of the iris.

It has believed that the irides of the human eye act as a map and can give accurate information about the status of organs in the body and a person’s general health status. Various markings and pigmentations show different attributes. An iridologist is taught to understand these attributes as well as an individual’s constitution and can therefore decipher their strengths and weaknesses in regards to health. Caroline is trained in both classical as well as behavioural iridology so uses this diagnostic tool along with nail and tongue analysis to aid her in forming a long term health plan for her patients.

Caroline draws from her training in naturopathy and nutrition together with her depth of personal and professional experience in herbal medicine, psychology and self-development. Her focus is on providing her patients with a simple framework in order to bring about change and balance at the deepest level. She believes strongly that your health is your greatest wealth and educates and guides her patients to achieve this holistically.

Although in essence a consultation with Caroline is not about treating the symptoms but about getting to the root cause of imbalances. In other words, it matters not what you have but by highlighting why you have it, gives you the clues to your long-term health. This is where Caroline acts as your guide on your health journey. her work as a herbalist can effectively work on a symptomatic level, Caroline prefers to work on a deeper causative level to assist with long lasting changes. More so, Caroline seeks to bring to light a person’s passion for their own natural healthcare by empowering the person and making it simple to make the long-lasting changes for oneself.


What to expect in a consultation

During consultation, Caroline will go through an individual’s past medical history, current diet, life style as well as emotional health in order to find the solutions to bring balance back into being. A patient of Caroline’s can expect to do a lot of talking and be asked a lot of questions about their health. She will also use tongue and face analysis as well as iridology as part of the consultation. Using food and herbs, lifestyle changes and other natural methods of treatment, Caroline endeavours to restore a person’s wellbeing.

What can this treatment help with? 

Female hormonal issues

Male hormonal issues

Digestive disorders, acid reflux, absorption, fatty liver, IBS, candida

Arthritic and rheumatic conditions

Immune conditions

Endocrine issues such as thyroid imbalances, adrenal fatigue and more.

General Health support

Dietary health issues


This approach works from the inside out, therefore promotes and can work well with other holistic therapies and practitioners.

Bring with you: 

Any recent blood test results you may have.

Up to date food diary

Any medication or supplements you may be currently taking.

Caroline is a registered member of The British Applied Nutritional Therapists, www.bant.co.uk; The Association of Master Herbalists, www.associationofmasterherbalists.co.uk; and The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, www.theanp.co.uk, she continues to professionally development in order to ensure she keeps up to date with herbal and nutritional research and treatments. 

“Caroline is the perfect practitioner – one consultation and you know you are on the road to health”.

Thelma Rowe , Business Analyst, London.

“Caroline has brought the awareness of good eating and nutrition into my life. I feel the benefits of her advice and appreciate her friendliness and kindness and would recommend her knowledge in her field to anyone.”

Anne D, Facilitator, Limassol

“I’ve suffered with my condition for over 8 years and have the scars to prove it. Now for the first time, I have taken no medication and only the recommendations of Caroline’s advice. It works and I am the proof!”

Sally Stratton, Retired, Peyia

“My mother suffered high cholesterol. In less that one month of treatment, her cholesterol levels lowered dramatically. The health protocol worked unbelievably well and quickly. Thank you!”

Petros, Limassol

Caroline is taking maturnity leave from practice untill April 2020. We wish her and her family the best of health. Back soon!

You can call Caroline on 07458631622 or email caroline@heavenonearthherbals.com

Why detox?

A first consultation is up to 1.5hs and costs £75
Follow up sessions take upto 45 minuits and cost £50