Elaine Collins Dip Hyp CS, MHS, CHBP, CHFP

At times our lives can be extremely stressful and we’re not always aware of the unwanted effect that stress is having on us. Perhaps you have feelings of low mood or anxiety need help to overcome a fear or a boost to your confidence? Maybe you are struggling with your weight, want to get a good night’s sleep or are finding it difficult to deal with pain or illness?

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help with these and many other conditions. It can help you to make those positive changes in your life that can improve both your physical and mental well-being.

In hypnosis, you are not asleep and you can come out of the state at any time. You cannot be made to do, say or think anything that you don’t find acceptable. It can feel like the experience just before you drift off to sleep, where your mind wanders and you feel very relaxed; you are still aware and yet your body falls asleep.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind which we all experience every day – we don’t notice it because it is such a natural state.

When we are in this altered state of consciousness we can make positive changes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Elaine Collins 


The Adlerian Society of Wales, Anderson House, 56 St James Street, Narberth, SA67 7DA.

Wednesday afternoons / evenings. Other times possible by arrangement.

Elaine is happy to talk to you about the positive changes you want in your life through hypnotherapy.

You can contact Elaine directly on:

07867 661802


Facebook – aurorahypnosisuk


What can hypnotherapy help with?

Here are some examples – please get in touch if there is another issue that you’d like help with.


 Hypnotherapy can help your unconscious mind to calm down and find new ways of coping with situations that cause you anxiety and panic.


 Sessions are deeply calming as your body becomes physically relaxed and your mind takes a break from worry. Learn how to identify new ways of responding to the stress in your life and build relaxation into your day.


Find real confidence in yourself, boost your self-esteem and change your critical thoughts into positive ones.


 By changing your thoughts and behaviour around eating you can adopt a healthy lifestyle – one that keeps you slimmer and fitter long term. The Hypno-Band system could help you if you have a lot of weight to lose.


Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress which can aid natural conception and support you through fertility treatment. It can also help to restore confidence in yourself and your body.


Learn how to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods so that you enter labour feeling calm, confident and in control.

Early Parenthood

Support to help you adjust to your new life as a mum or dad.

How much does this cost

The first step is an initial consultation where we can talk in confidence about how I can help you.

This appointment gives you the chance to meet me, find out more about hypnotherapy and decide if it’s for you.

It also gives me the chance to find out more about you and your goal so that I can tailor future sessions to meet your needs.

This session also includes a relaxation exercise which will give you a ‘taster’ for future sessions.

Sessions last up to 1 hour

An initial consultation costs £20

Hypnotherapy sessions cost £40

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or you’d like a chat about how I can help you.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make the positive changes you want in your life.

The number of hypnotherapy sessions needed varies from person to person depending on your needs and the goal you’d like to achieve. We can discuss this at our initial meeting. Hypnotherapy sessions typically last around 50 minutes.

Elaine is an Easibirthing Certified Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner, a trained and qualified Fertility Practitioner and a trained Post Natal Support Practitioner (qualification pending).


Elaine is a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, an independent professional body promoting the highest standards for hypnotherapists.

You can be re-assured Elaine practises strictly within the society’s code of ethics and standards for continuing professional development, supervision and insurance.


 Elaine has completed additional training to support clients with managing their weight and is a licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner.