Mathew Berry

Tai Chi

Matt is the founder of West Wales Tai Chi and has been teaching weekly classes throughout West Wales since 2002

He has been studying Martial Arts for 30 years and has focussed the last 18yrs on studying Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Meditiation, Healing and Energy Cultivation Exercises, and is an instructor member and liscensed and Insured with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Matt has a real passion for teaching Tai Chi not just as a low impact relaxing exercise to promote Health and wellbeing but also as a complete Martial Art so participants get a better understanding of Mind Intent through the Gentle Relaxing movements. he says,with this understanding combined with correct posture and breathing, Tai Chi can really transform the health of the body, mind and spirit and bring us back to our centre.

He is also quick to say that you dont need to have any interest in the Martial side to enjoy Tai Chi’s limitless benefits, nor do you have to be physically fit. His students range from 6 years old to 86! so its never to late to learn and reap the reward s of this ancient art. His only requirements are that you go at your own pace and that you Breathe Smile and Relax as much as possible!