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De-tox & De-stress

Open day : Saturday 9th March

Taking time out for health, relaxation and enjoyment.

Our Open day is a great opertunity to try different classes, if you’ve been thinking about starting Yoga or Meditation you can find out more in a non-pressured enviroment.

There are several free talks with our qualified therapists who’d like to share there knowlage, and equip you with the tools to use remidies safely at home.

Therapists are offering 1:1 private sessions, these are shorter sessions at reduced prices so that you can find out more about the treatments and how they may benifit you.

In the studio…

10am Womens Tai Chi     FREE

Samara Hawthorn

Movement Meditation to harmonise, energise and balance our bodies and beings.

We will focus specifically on bringing our attention into our wombs, our cauldron of creation.

11am What is Yoga Therapy?     FREE

Helen Morris

A short lecture describing the basic concepts around yoga as a therapy followed by a yoga based experiential activity.

12pm Yoga for over 50’s     £5

Gilly Davidson

A gentle introduction to yoga to help increase flexibility, reduce our stress levels and increase our energy.

1pm Pregnacy Yoga     £3.50

Kerry Curson

A class designed for all trimesters to gently strengthen and deeply relax with movement and pregnancy focused meditation.

2pm Powerful Flows    £3.50

Kerry Curson

A strong, yet deeply nourishing class with a focus on realignment of the body and themes to inspire your practice.

3pm Relaxing Somatic Yoga     £6

Louise Thordycraft

Strengthen and Relax – A somatic, stress-relieving approach to yoga. This session will use slow, mindful movement and posture-work, designed specifically to regulate the nervous system, reduce stress and allow the bodymind to rest. The session will finish by lying down for a 15 minute deep relaxation/ meditation. Louise has been teaching yoga for 12 years and her sessions are trauma-informed.

4pm Belly Dance     £6

Ruth Jenkins

Circles and Synergy – In this workshop, you will be invited to join together in a beautiful circle dance which explores the themes of community, ceremony, celebration and ritual through an expressive flow of movements. Cultivate a sense of the connectivity between dancers in a space and how this is informed by collective focalisation and feeling. Deepen your awareness of energetic body and the synergetic whole.

5pm Kirtan – Healing Mantras of Bhakti Yoga     £6

Louise Thordycraft

Description: An opportunity to taste the nectar of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Kirtan is a wonderful form of active meditation; its devotional mantras connect us to the core of our being and help us to let go of the stresses of daily life. As we make the journey to the heart, it is common for deeply held emotions to be released, which can feel like a huge relief. Mantra also helps to calm the busy mind, enabling an inner stillness to arise. Many people find the practice both uplifting and calming.

In the big room upstairs…

10am Why it is important to detox, and how to      FREE

Tanya Petersen 

Modern living is increasingly toxic to our bodies, toxic bodies don’t function well and immunity is undermined as a result, opening the body up to dis-ease. We have an amazing cleaning system but in this modern world it is important to be aware of how you can help your body rid itself of these toxins. You will learn how to remove toxicity from your system, in ways that are safe, easy and working alongside your bodies natural intelligence.

11am Meditation     FREE

Time Sime 

Samarpan meditation has been practised in the Himalayas for over 800 years and has recently been brought to the world. The meditation is simple yet powerful, with a short mantra followed by half an hour of silence. Sessions are free, with donations to room hire.

In this Open Day session there will be an introductory talk with an opportunity for questions and answers, followed by a twenty minute meditation.

12pm Homeopathy for Families in the Home     FREE

Angela Davies

Please join me for a short introductory workshop using Homeopathy to treat minor ailments in the home.

Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine using remedies made from natural substances in very tiny doses.  The medicines stimulate the immune system initiating a healing response that unfolds over time to restore health and harmony.

Homeopathy is safe, gentle and very well-suited to treating frequent ailments and minor accidents of both children and their parents.  If you would like to learn more about Homeopathy and how you can use it at home

1pm Self care with aromatherapy and natural skin care    FREE

Find out the many ways to incorporate essential oils to your daily life. Each oil is a unique character – discover your new best little friends through sensory testing, intuition and product knowledge.

An introduction to Tropics natural, vegan friendly skin care to strengthen, balance and inspire mind, body and soul.

Theraputic session’s on the day..

Mctimoney Chiropractic spine check

20 minuit sessions FREE

Natural Beauty

Kimberley Morgan

15 min treatments for £10

Esalen® Massage  Integrative Bodywork

Ayres Gipson, CMT, EMBA

40 minuit sessions £20

Everyday stresses and strains can take their toll on your body, this can result ultimately in one or more areas of your body becoming overworked and painful. Everyday postures, activities and preferred ways of lifting /carrying can be one of the causes of your spine becoming misaligned and associated muscle fatigue/pain.

The spine check can identify potential causes for your pain and how to correct them.

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Facial pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage
  • Tropics mini facial
  • Hand scrub and massage

Although Ayres typically does 60 – 150-minute table sessions in massage, today he will be offering taster sessions demonstrating:

~ soothing quality of touch

~ effective palpation & assessment techniques

(having a good poke about and saying what’s what)

~ damn good oil massage


FREE Consultations

Ever wondered how hypnotherapy could help you? The open day on 9th March is the perfect chance to find out. Book in for a free mini consultation which includes a free relaxation recording to take away and £10 off your first session!

Elaine Collins Dip Hyp CS, MHS, CHBP, CHFP


Please book your places early by calling the centre on 01834 869 472

Enjoy this informative day focused on your health

There will be free light freshments and a space to relax between sessions