Qi Gong

Classes with Lee Sanger

Monday evenings 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Qi gong involves very simple movements that unify the breath and the body, and sometimes standing or sitting in mediation. It is a self healing practice that helps you to have more energy and to feel calmer and clearer in your mind.

In its broadest sense qi gong is the study of energy in the human body and the universe. ‘Qi’ is recognised as a vital energy that flows through all things and ‘gong’ is attributed to any work or study that is given your time, energy and patience to accomplish well.

Qi gong therefore is often translated as the art of cultivation of energy.

Contact Lee Sanger on 07932 105053

Or E-mail: lee.sanger1@gmail.com

Lee is a registered as a practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu (MRSS(T)) with the Shiatsu Society UK


Classes are £10