Ruth Jenkins

Ruth started learning Belly Dance at the age of 12 with a background in contemporary dance and the performing arts. Her training with Guinevere Clark of Baubo Belly Dance gave her a foundation in A-Z Personal Techniques and AstroBelly. Learning with Keti Sharif, Ozgen, Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Paola Blanton and many more influential artists has enriched her knowledge of and intuitive capacity for Belly Dance. In 2009, Ruth formed a performance duet called the Sun Dancers of Ra with a fellow student Amelia. Since then the Sun Dancers of Ra have performed regularly at dance shows, festivals, community events, haflas and competitions, developing unique and exuberant choreographies which bring together a multitude of belly dance styles and showcase their innovative hand-made costumes.

Ruth developed a passion for Ballroom and Latin dance whilst a student at Cambridge and competed for the University Dancesport team which she found enhanced her facility for technique and precision. Since then she has become a devoted Yogi and committed to cultivating and heightening body awareness. Ruth has spent the last 5 months in La Palma in the Canaries where she has been working with people across many disciplines to develop her movement-based practices and expand her body-consciousness. There, she has recently completed Keti Sharif’s Somatics for Belly Dance course which has given her a theoretical apparatus with which to explore the expressive energies of movement and observe these with a more nuanced internal perception.

Through dance, Ruth aims to inspire others to cultivate an understanding of the emotional body as a mode for self-expression. She is impelled to share her experience of this medium as a powerful vehicle for healing and transformation and wishes to guide others in their journeys towards a more centred, strong, radiant self!