Soft Tissue Therapy

Kevin Redgrave MISRM 

Soft Tissue Therapy is the name that the industry is moving towards instead of sports massage.

So, why the change?

We might well spend time working with sports people to help them recover quicker from competitions or heavy training, but soft tissue therapy is not just limited to sports people. The techniques that are used can be applied to anyone, whether they are active sports people, sedentary people with a desk job, or elderly people who need some help with a nagging ache.

In soft tissue therapy we use a range of techniques, from traditional massage techniques to advanced techniques like MET, STR, fascial release, to create the required effect within a muscle or other soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia).

Alongside this, a soft tissue therapist will be skilled in diagnosing postural issues that can help to identify the real root cause of an issue.

Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to treat a large range of common aches and pains that most people just struggle on with. The nagging low back ache, or ache around the neck and shoulders can normally be easily sorted with a combination of soft tissue therapy techniques, and simple remedial exercises.

Equally, if you have injured yourself in a fall, or from taking part in a sport, soft tissue therapy can be used to help treat the injury, helping you to heal better and quicker.

As a certified RockTape Rock Doc I can provide kinesiology taping, as well as offering personal training (REPS level 3 personal trainer and qualified in exercise referral from your GP).

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Kevin is available at Narberth Natural Health Centre on Wednesdays and has some spaces for after work.

A treatment cost £40 and normally lasts one hour although this could be up to 1.5hrs for a first session to allow time for getting a full client history.

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  • Kevin trained at the Oxford School of Sports Massage, gaining a level 5 diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy.
  • Kevin is a member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage (ISRM).