Tai Chi

Matt Berry

Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Roberson Wathen Hall

The name Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Philosophical concept from which is described in Taoism as the interplay of the two mutually interdependent opposites of Yin and Yang like Stillness and Movement you cant have one without the other. They are always in a constant state of change and balance. Yin and Yang are the fundamental principles and the most important theory in Traditional Chinese medicine, underlying all physiology, pathology and treatment.

yin-yangThe Tai Chi symbol or the yin yang symbol also describes and explains a model for the Universal Law of Balance and Harmony, Day turns to night seasons change into new seasons everything has its place and its role in keeping balance and harmony throughout the universe.so if the Universal law is all about creating and maintaining harmony and balance its safe to say that this model can be used to very effectively bring balance to and harmonise our mind, body spirit and emotions and our reconnect our energy and ourselves to the Universal energy all around us.

This is where the Ancient Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan comes in, Tai Chi Chuan or Grand Ultimate Fist is an embodiment of knowledge that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation , Martial Arts, Philosophy and the observations of Nature and its cycles and ebbs and flows.

Its practise is multifaceted but basically comes down to Balance and the mindfulness awareness of your body your breath and your centre and the space you occupy. Tai Chi as an exercise promotes a good centred strong and supple posture which can effectively release unwanted muscle tension especially around the spine and the upper body. Tai Chi’s gentle stretching twisting spiralling and rotational movements encourage the joints to open and release tension including stored emotional tension from the body. Its continuous shifting of weight from one leg to the other strenghtens the leg muscles takes the pressure off your knees and promotes a strong flow of blood, Lymph and Qi through the body helping to heal ailments connected with poor digestion, circulation and alleviate inflammation in the joints. Tai chi’s aim is also to promote a smooth free flow of Energy or Qi through the energetic pathways or meridians of the body to clear stagnation and bring harmony to your internal organs and the systems of your body.

Tai Chi is also a very effective martial art and form of self defence that yields to strong force by redirecting it with the least amount of effort either away from your centre to be neutralised or to be given back to its source.

And top of all that its a great way to meet like minded people and have some fun!

You can contact Matt on 07813902266 or E:mail: westwalestaichi@gmail.com

Individual therapeutic sessions help you work towards increased levels of energy, have freer movement and find a deeper sense of peace.

Sessions can be held at the centre or in your own home and cost £35.

Please speak to Matt to find how Tai Chi therapy could benefit you.

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