Teresa Walker

Through her Woman Centred, and feminine way of HEALING & TEACHING, Teresa’s passion, is to guide and support women of all ages, who are ready for change.

As cyclical women, our whole lives are filled with thresholds and transitions. Modern living with it’s very masculine approach, has meant that so many of us have forgotten our true sense of self.

In this world of push and go, and do, Teresa offers a space to slow down, to reconnect and to just BE, with great emphasis on the revelations and discoveries that women find in the spaces between the doing, when they take the time to press pause.

Having found herself in her forties, feeling totally burned out and disconnected, struggling with dis-ease, depression and anxiety, Teresa sought a more holistic way of healing, initially for her own self care. 

This healing journey inspired her to dig deeper, and to look closer. A registered Nurse for many years, Teresa took a leap of faith and a change of direction. Ever curious and always learning, she is passionate to help other women do the same, and rediscover and indeed rewrite their own life stories.

Teresa offers 1:1 therapeutic sessions in Energy Healing – REIKI, PELLOWAH, FEMININE ENERGY AWAKENING and is a Daring to Rest® Women’s YOGA NIDRA Facilitator. She also offers 1:1 transformational mentoring for women.

Therapeutic sessions are available on Fridays at the Narberth Natural Health Centre.

Teresa also facilitates regular monthly Women’s Circles at the Centre, Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra classes, and 

Reiki teachings of all levels are held periodically through the year.

PHONE or TEXT Teresa on 07946 597362 

EMAIL: teresa@thewomancentredway.com

More information can be found on my website www.thewomancentredway.com