Teresa Walker

Based in both South Wales and Pembrokeshire, I’m very proud of my heritage and ancestry, and the magic that this beautiful land both holds and shares!

When I made a very conscious physical and emotional decision, to leave a long and happy career in Nursing to pursue more whole and holistic ways of healing, so many doors opened wide, and these were the first steps on a journey that’s become more and more wonder filled with each passing year.​

My personal journey, has been full of twists and turns and in recent years my dance with life has led to a desire to live and work as a creatrix for change, in a WOMAN centred way.

I’ve been blessed to hold women’s circles, red tents and ceremonies for a few years now and this work inspired me to continue learning and growing as I stood in my own power, stepping forward as a guide, mentor and healer.

Passionate about local community, and the ways in which it’s women are held and supported, I have been inspired by and worked with many amazing women and men over time, and continue to work in the voluntary sector.​

I would love to honour YOU as an awakening woman, and to help turn the light your way, share healing practices and women’s wisdoms, and hear your beautiful voice tell YOUR story, as you reclaim your power, on your own very special and sacred, womanhood journey.

Teresa is happy to talk to you about any aspect of your wellbeing journey


Email: teresa@thewomancentredway.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TeresaWalker